Savings Stories

"My daughter has been using this card for about a year now. She says she saves more with this card than the coupon the drug company gave her for their own drug! Anyway, she went to the ER for kidney stones a week or so ago and they prescribed her some pain meds. This card also discounted that prescription at the pharmacy. She has health insurance but not presription insurance. She doesn't get sick often enough to pay for presription insurance. Just wanted to let you guys know!"
- Suzanne W.
"When I moved to the other side of the state, I was worried I would lose my savings with my pharmacy. I was using their discount plan. You know, the kind you pay for to get discounts? I went search the internet to find options in my new city and found this card. I printed it thinking I'd save a few dollars...MORE LIKE $40! I should have been using this the whole time! Thanks!"
- Connie V.
"THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! Your card saved me $148!"
- Calley D.
"I am so thankful that I found this card. I'm in college and I have no prescription coverage. I can find most medications I need over the counter. You can't get birth control off of the shelf. Luckily, I found this card and instead of paying $65 for my birth control, I only paid $32."
- Mary Ann F.
"THIS THING WORKS! It discounted my birth control by about 35%. Even the pharmacy tech was impressed. The best part: I didn't have to pay for the card!"
- Jessi S.
"So many times I didn't pick up a prescription because I couldn't afford it. I wish I had known about this prescription discount card before. FYI- you can use it on other medications besides birth control."
- Rebecca R.
"I saved about $10 on my Beyaz. It may not seem like a whole lot to some people but that's a little more than two gallons of gas for me!"
- Laura C.
"I've used the birth control card for about 6 months now. I love it! Yay for birth control discounts!"
- Paige L.
"I use the birth control card on not only my birth control but my son's asthma meds too. I save a total of about $112 a month. THANK YOU!"
- Jaimie L.
"Thanks for the help! Birth control is something I can't do without. Sometimes money gets tight and this card is just one way I can cut corners."
- Lindsay F.
"We saved about $14 on Plan B. Accidents happen and I'm so glad there was something available to help us out with the costs."
- Courtney H.
"I picked up a few other prescriptions with my birth control and I got a discount on all four using this card! A fantastic surprise for me! Thanks!"
- Deshea D.